Wild Flowers in a Waterfall Sky

A mirage of faces

Daily graces

I’ve been praying for you

Are you too good to be true?

Mirages of your face

Now it seems so out of place

What’s her name?

What’s she like?

Had a feeling you had more

Closed my curtains shut the door

Maybe two wasn’t enough for you

Maybe two too much for you

I want to fly

I want to run

Spread my wings

Touch the sun

Jump into that great blue sky

Light a spliff and get real high

Open my eyes to the great unknown

Find out where the wild ones roam

Cover my light

Paint it grey

Do whatever you please

You can’t stop me now

I’ll discover and uncover

Explore all that I can

Leave you behind

A figure of memory in my past

If you could stand in my way

It wouldn’t change a thing

One of these days I’ll show you

Great things you could have seen

– Sierosky

//20th June 2017\\

Weird Owl – Like 100.000 Sunsets